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I'll be your blog post editor and turn your words and ideas into SEO-proof art! (4 business days)

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***This is great if you need someone to edit one or two articles. If you need someone to edit your blog posts regularly, check out the monthly subscription here.***

You have ideas, and you know folks need to read 'em.

But maybe you weren't trained as an internet writer ;)

Because trust me, that shit's different from academic or creative writing.

That's where I come in :)

I'll take your writing and help you turn it into a blog post loved not only by your human readers but also by search engines!

[FYI: If you're a busy bee and need regular editing services where I'll make your writing publication-ready each time, then check out the monthly recurring editing membership.]

Why choose me?

Because I'm good at this. 😉

I've been a blogger for five years, and my readers tell me they love my blog posts.

Also, I've managed to rank several of my posts on Google's top spot; some with various featured snippets to boot.

Here's one of my blog posts, from my website — The Side Blogger — that ranks at the top spot on Google with a definition-type featured snippet.

The image shows my blog post showing up at the top of Google for the keyword: "what are sponsored blog posts"

What I Do

  • Make sure your blog post conveys an idea to the fullest. If I feel that your post has gaps, I'll point them out.
  • Check for potential keywords you can rank for (seed keywords and long-tail keywords).
  • I'll make sure you have a catchy blog post title.
  • I'll ensure your sentences and tone sound like they came from a person, not an AI.
  • I'll check for featured snippet opportunities if relevant (this is SEO lingo; don't worry about it too much; I'll check for them and advise you accordingly.)
  • I'll advise you on whatever else needs to be improved upon.
  • I'll add any platform-specific tips, when relevant.
  • Basic grammar and copy editing is included.
  • Please note: I do NOT rewrite the post for you. I may do minor edits, but primarily, I give you my comments so you can revise your blog post according to my instructions and learn from them so that next time you can do a better job without an editor :)
  • You'll get my comments and adjustments via email in four (4) business days (Monday through Friday).

Here's a video of me editing a client's blog post (sharing with their permission, of course!)

What you need to do

  • You'll be asked to share a Google Doc link (edit permission enabled) during checkout. Feel free to send me a copy of the original if you do not wish for me to mark up the original.
  • Write a blog post as well as you can, format it with headers, subheaders, paragraphs, lists, etc, as needed, and make it publication-ready to the best of your ability BEFORE you submit it for editing. This will help me understand where you're at, and give you my comments accordingly. Remember: I do not just edit; I COACH!
  • Count ALL words and choose the correct pricing option, please.

NOTE: I will NOT rewrite your blog post for you. My job is to advise you on how to improve your blog post. I may do some minor adjustments to your content, but primarily, I'll advise you on the big changes that you'll have to rewrite yourself following my notes. In the end, YOU are the writer; and I'll be your blog post writing coach :) The idea is to help you become a better writer; not write the damn thing for you 😉

If, however, you need full-editing service on a recurring basis, then check out the monthly editing service instead.


You'll submit your blog post as a Google Doc during checkout, and I'll send over my edits and suggestions via email within four (4) business days (Monday through Friday). You'll also get the option to schedule a follow-up Zoom call during checkout in case you want to hop on a call and discuss the proposed edits.


I'll be your blog post editor and turn your words and ideas into SEO-proof art! (4 business days)

0 ratings